Tempting silver and metallised – attraction on the shelf

2018-02-01 15:13:23 admin 29


It’s hard to exaggerate the importance of the retail shelf – around three quarters of purchase decisions happen there. The average duration of a supermarket visit lasts only 20 minutes, highlighting the critical importance of shelf appeal. Colour has a particular role, because it engages consumers’ emotions, and hard evidence supports that silver and metallics are no exception. TechNavio VP Faisal Ghaus has said that shelf appeal and visibility is now the most important strategy for manufacturers in a crowded market.


Few materials can compete with silvers or metallics for sheer shelf presence. Such labels trigger a sense of premium quality – an expectation of luxury. A neuroscience evaluation commissioned by AR Metallizing showed a ‘lift’ in brain activity when looking at metallic labels, and also showed that pictures and branding were especially effective on metallic surfaces. Nielsen NeuroFocus testing has confirmed increased memory affiliation in consumers for metallics (versus white paper). Brands that include some of the world’s biggest condiments producers have taken note and are moving to metallic.


Soonmark offers a range of different metallic ‘looks’, including premium mirror effect films and matt-finish metallised paper. There are laminated foils for excellent embossing, and the important role that paper materials can play is also recognized.